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  Why You Need Solid Novel Construction

Few novelists have been taught novel structure. They attempt to "wing it" when it comes to writing. But writing a novel is highly complicated, and there are time-tested methods of structure that have proven to provide solid foundations for story.

Sure, it takes time to learn essential novel structure, but since you're taking this course, you probably understand how important it is to learn the skills to use the tools of your trade to construct a solid story.

Just as with building a house, a writer needs to pay attention to the blueprints that will ensure a solid story. And that involves a holistic approach to building that first tackles the supporting pillars of story. These four essential corner supports must be strong and in place in order to hold up that heavy "roof" (your story) so that it won't collapse.

Ready to dig in and learn some construction skills? Watch this introductory module to gear up to start building!

Heather Gale
Hi Susanne, could you email me the PDF as well?
The workshop book will take 2 weeks to get here and I've got a writing window now.
Thank you!
Thank you
Susanne Lakin
I'm not sure what PDF you mean, but on each module there is a PDF worksheet to download.
Claudia Finseth
I HAVE built a house, from putting in the forms for the foundation to . . . well, I must admit I stayed off the roof. But I framed walls and put in windows and doors, so your metaphor of the novel as a house you build for your story makes much sense to me. I've read so many books about writing fiction, but still don't know how to build a novel. Time to buy your books!
Surya Pratap Singh
Hie, I live in India and I was facing some issues with the Workbook. Seems like I cannot find it anywhere, could you please help me with a PDF version?
Susanne Lakin
Sure, if any of you students can't access the workbook in the US, email me and I'll provide a PDF.

Thanks for the free course. I hope you consider creating a Kindle version of "The 12 Key Pillars Workbook".

Susanne Lakin
Hi Felix, the workbook is really meant to write in, with hundreds of questions, so it really won't work as an ebook!
Aju K George
Hello Susanne,
I enjoy all your posts on Live Write Thrive, find all the articles very eye-opening & helpful.
Thanks a ton for this Free Course. :)
I'll definitely be starting this Course today.
Susanne Lakin
Thanks, Aju!
Anita Belli
Dear Susanne,
This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your unique knowledge and understanding. You bring new insight to the subject with great clarity. My next book will be much better as a result.
Susanne Lakin
Thanks, Anita! Be sure to let me know if you (or any of you students) have any specific questions.
Kristina Stanley
Hi Susanne, I finally had a chance to sit down and start the course. I already own all of your writing books, so this course is a nice bonus. Thank you for providing it for free to your loyal followers :)
Angel Scott
I just spent all my money on my author event, but when I get paid again. I will buy these books and get started on the class. :) Thank you for making it free. :)
Susanne Lakin
Hope this helps you!
Jan Bouchard-Kerr

Hi Susanne,
I like the image of a house with pillars carrying a lot of weight. Having a video cements the ideas for me as well as your examples in the workbook.
A quick question. I am working on a series. Would I sketch out the 4 books using your workbook? I am interested in your PDF version (I live in Canada).
And, thank you for creating such a wonderful course.

Susanne Lakin
I would only brainstorm through the first book using the workbook (and you'd need the print/paperback version so you can write in all those answers). And you may want to use the workbook for each book. Each book in a series needs to stand alone and have a plot that resolves in that installment.
Looking forward to the essential pillars.
Jaymie Selfe
Hi, I live in Australia and I can get The 12 Pillars Of Novel Construction, but not the workbook as the au version of amazon doesn't sell it, is there a PDF version on an Australian site by any chance of the workbook?
Susanne Lakin
Hi Jamie, the workbook is in print only through US Amazon Create Space. However, I can provide you (and others) with a PDF. It just means printing out a lot of pages! I'll send you an email.
Jaymie Selfe
Thank you!