Why You Need Solid Novel Construction

Few novelists have been taught novel structure. They attempt to "wing it" when it comes to writing. But writing a novel is highly complicated, and there are time-tested methods of structure that have proven to provide solid foundations for story.

Sure, it takes time to learn essential novel structure, but since you're taking this course, you probably understand how important it is to learn the skills to use the tools of your trade to construct a solid story.

Just as with building a house, a writer needs to pay attention to the blueprints that will ensure a solid story. And that involves a holistic approach to building that first tackles the supporting pillars of story. These four essential corner supports must be strong and in place in order to hold up that heavy "roof" (your story) so that it won't collapse.

Ready to dig in and learn some construction skills? Watch this introductory module to gear up to start building!

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