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If you're ready to write a terrific novel with the potential to become a best seller, you've come to the right place! I'm C. S. Lakin, author, blogger, and writing coach. I have 30+ years' experience writing novels, editing and critiquing manuscripts, and helping thousands of people on six continents to write their best books.

It took me 26 years to get my first novel published! I chalk that up to being clueless for a long time about novel structure. Once I understood structure (not formulas), my novels got picked up by agents and publishing houses and many hit the best-seller lists.

More than 5,000 writers have taken my online video courses. I'm devoted to helping writers of all levels to master the craft of fiction writing, and move from confusion and frustration to topping the best-seller charts, landing agents and publishing contracts, and even getting movie deals.

It's all about mastering story structure. In these video courses I teach you everything you need to know, step by step, to become a master of your craft, regardless of your genre.

Hear what some of the 5,000+ students enrolled in Writing for Life Workshops say about C. S. Lakin's online video courses and master classes:

“I have learned SO much in such a short space of time. It was a big commitment to make, but it was so, so worth it. I won’t ever regret it—at the very least, my writing will be so much better than before. The very best outcome is beyond exciting and I feel far more confident about making that dream a reality. C.S. Lakin is an expert in crafting a novel, is approachable and down-to-earth. She is supportive and takes an active interest in the development and progression of our writing, giving the support to make that dream a reality.” —Liz Thompson

“As someone who has only really started writing about a year ago, I can say without doubt that this course has made my writing 1,000 times better. Not just simple things like not putting in so many speech tags or formatting. The structure of my novel, the POV, sensory detail. While I had some of these things already, learning what works and what doesn't has improved my writing tenfold. I honestly did not know what to expect when I joined this course, but it has changed my writing and my joy of writing for the better. I cannot thank Susanne enough, and I look forward to continuing to learn from her in the future.” —Joshua Bruce

“Susanne has an amazing ability to analyze scenes and point out the subtleties of what works and why. As an instructor, she is encouraging and patient. You’ll love working with her!” —Dana Killion

“You'll quickly learn techniques on plotting and craft that normally takes writers years to develop. I was stalled on a manuscript and after only a few sessions could see exactly what I needed to do to continue with revisions. I highly recommend any of Susanne's courses to both new and experienced writers.” —Jean Grabow

“Susanne's 8-Weeks to Writing a Commercially Successful Novel is one of the best developed and delivered writing classes I've taken. With the depth of an MFA masterclass, but with the real-world guidance that can only come from a seasoned writing and editing professional, Susanne by-passes the well-trod writing advice fluff and provides writers with strategies to craft stories readers will love.” —Sharon Ritchey, VP Communications, Women's Fiction Writers Association

“I loved the 8 Weeks to a successful novel through improved scene writing course. Susanne is a generous and accessible instructor who can analyze a scene the way a skilled mechanic can diagnose and correct a fault in an engine. She has amassed a helpful store of instructional materials and sample readings that vividly show the elements of a powerful scene. The practice I’ve gained in analyzing other writer’s scenes will help me write more visceral scenes in my own novel. Thank you, Susanne!” —Lou Schlesinger

“Susanne Lakin is extremely knowledgeable of industry trends, effective pacing and structure protocols for creating successful commercial novels in today's environment, and devotes her time, energy and support to her students. I would recommend her course to both beginning and experienced novelists.” —Kendrick Smith

“I learned a brilliant set of writing skills. Her courses have enabled me to improve on my writing skills overall. However, I was amazed at the depth of knowledge Susanne has and how easily she made the topics of dialogue, tension, micro tension and high stakes come alive in writing. The hows and whys you should use these and there were plenty of examples to go through which highlighted each area being taught. I cannot praise Susanne enough for imparting her often hard won knowledge and would highly recommend this short course as for writers looking to develop and improve their writing skills and knowledge. Five Stars Susanne! Thank you.” —Lorna Dolan