Module 6: What Deconstruction Isn't

Once you've chosen your niche genre, then what?

The next step is to deconstruct your targeted genre. That means studying best-selling novels to see how they're structured, but it also involves looking at writing style and mechanics—sentence, scene, and chapter lengths—as well as phrasing and word choice, among many other facets.

Each genre has variations within a particular style, and readers have certain expectations when it comes to buying a novel in a genre. So it's crucial to understand what "style guidelines" and kinds of structural framework apply to your targeted genre.

Isn't this plagiarism?

It's important to understand what plagiarism is and what it means to copy other authors' style or structure. In other words, in this lesson, we're going to look at what deconstruction isn't and why it's absolutely the best thing a novelist can do to nail genre!

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