The Setup - Key Scene #1

Your first key scene in the Ten Key Scene Chart is your setup scene. Key Scene #1 is all about introducing your protagonist and her core need and motivation. This scene showcases her characteristics, which includes her personality, skills, fears, plans, and the world in which she lives, works, and plays.

In addition to setting up your primary character, this setup scene paves the way for your premise to play out. While this might not be your very first scene in your novel, it usually is the first scene with your protagonist. It lays the groundwork for the Inciting Incident, which will shift your character in a specific direction.

Your setup shouldn't take up too many pages but provide just enough action to get the story underway and introduce your readers to your compelling protagonist.

Be sure to download the Ten Key Scene chart so you can familiarize yourself with the required scenes and get ready to start filling in your own as you go through this course!

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